spring is around the corner again in conejo! that means the cherry blossom rain will start soon and of course an event will come with it, introducing the CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL! (again..!)

the festival will take place at 8PM EST on the 26th of MARCH, and will start with a fishing tournament.. the fishing tournament will take place on conejo's river, and will be utilizing the 7seas Fishing System you can purchase the rod in conejo
1st to 5th place will recieve a trophy with their name on it! Next, just like last year we will have a GIFT MARKET a chance for conejo members to showcase items theyve made, if you wish to submit an item for the gift market, please contact me directly! There will be cherry blossom viewing and fireworks as well after the tournament, so it will be a very laidback event.. hope to see you there!